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Our coaching awards are UK Coaching Certificate endorsed, so on completion of the course and successful assessment, your water ski and wakeboard coach qualification will be nationally recognised and on a par with level 2 coaching awards in other sports. It is also recognised on the government’s Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and on the UK Register of Regulated Qualifications.

Course content has about half on “what to coach” in terms of water ski & wakeboard techniques, and the other half on “how to coach” these.

What level of skier and rider will you be coaching?

The BWSW Level 2 Coaching award will take you from teaching beginners to both water ski and wakeboard (Cutting Edge Bronze) and progressing them through to the Cutting Edge Silver Awards. This means your pupil will be doing 180s, riding switch and completing Ollie 180s on a wakeboard or, on to one ski and competently crossing the wakes.

Candidate Pre-Requisites for all BWSW (British Water Ski and Wakeboard) UKCC Level 2 Coaching Awards

  • BWSW Ski Boat Driver Award (SBDA) which can be achieved by attending one of our regular courses held at the centre.

  • Boat driving experience. Beyond the SBDA you should be an experienced driver for all standards of skier.

  • Have taken part in (and produced an attendance certificate for) a Safeguarding & Protecting Children course.

  • Protection of Vulnerable Groups check - As part of the BWSW Child Protection Policy all coaches in Scotland have to register on the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme. The Scottish Government has introduced this membership scheme to enhance the Criminal Records Bureau Scotland (CRBS) disclosure arrangements. This ensures that those who have regular contact with children and protected adults through paid and unpaid work do not have a known history of harmful behaviour.

  • First Aid Certificate (basic 3 / 4 hour course covering resuscitation techniques which can be achieved by attending one of our regular courses held at the centre.

  • You need to be 16 years of age or over to become a BWSW Coach.

  • Water Ski & Wakeboard knowledge. There is no personal skiing or riding requirement but you should have a good background and display knowledge of, and experience in, the sport. Both your tutor and assessor will seek evidence of this. At this level of coaching beginner and intermediate skiers and riders the skills of water skiing and wakeboarding are fairly interchangeable so experience in one of the disciplines can be extended to the other. In other words, if your main experience has been in one discipline only, that should not be a problem.

It is recommended you obtain the First Aid, CRB and SBDA as well as attend the Safeguarding & Protecting Children seminar before doing the course, however you can obtain these afterwards but you will not receive your certification and become a Level 2 Coach until you have all these recorded at BWSW.

Award Validity

Once you have passed the award you will need to renew this annually and remain a member of British Water Ski & Wakeboard for the award to be valid. The First Aid qualification and the CRB Disclosure will also need updating every 3 years for BWSW to validate your coaching award.

How long is the course and what is the content?

  • The course is four days long, and then is followed by a fifth assessment day which is at least four weeks afterwards. This is to allow coaching practice on the course content so that coaches can gain further from the assessment process.

  • You will learn the technical content of ‘what to coach’ to be able to introduce and then improve skiers and riders to the sports. You will also learn how to coach and the best approach to use, to ensure the learning of skiers and riders is maximised.

  • The course covers topics such as: Planning Coaching Sessions, Coaching Styles and Learning Styles, Behaviour Management, Skills Development, Participant Development, Nutrition and Hydration, Physical Conditioning, Mental Preparation etc.

What is the structure of the Course?

  • There is a programme of learning that takes trainee coaches through the topics on the syllabus with both classroom based and ‘on the water’ sessions.

  • The course follows the L2WSWB Coach handbook as you complete assessed topics - some written, some verbal, some practical. There is some assessment covered during the course by your tutor and then a final separate assessment, at least four weeks later. This is to allow you to put your learning in to practice and develop your coaching.

What happens if I do not pass the assessment?

Your tutor or assessor will discuss any areas they do not feel you have attained the required standard and you will be assessed again on just these elements at a further assessment. There will be no further cost to this.

What happens to my existing Water Ski or Wakeboard Instructor Qualification?

Existing instructors can retain their instructor licences and can continue to renew on a three yearly basis.

From 1st January 2011 there will be no NEW instructor courses offered under the “old syllabus” - we will only offer the new UKCC qualifications.

How can I upgrade from an Instructor to Level 2 WSWB Coach?

  • This depends on what qualifications you hold at the moment. As there is new content in the Level 2 Coach course, all those with instructor qualifications will have to attend this part of the Level 2 course. Water ski instructors will then need to attend the wakeboard technical coaching elements and vice versa.

  • If you have experience of coaching in another sport and proof of qualifications, the content of this course will be taken into consideration. We will discuss with you which elements of the Level 2 WSWB Coach Course you should attend. It all comes down to what learning you need, to be able to complete the Coach Handbook tasks.

  • During the course you will be assessed on your coaching of both disciplines. There is a separate assessment before your portfolio is submitted for approval and the qualification awarded.

How Much?

The cost varies depending on what qualifications you already hold as both existing experience and qualifications will be taken into account. Please contact us for advice on this.

The Qualification and becoming a BWSW Licensed Coach

The qualification you will receive will be from our awarding body 1st4Sport. Once you have qualified as a BWSW Level 2 Coach you will be invited to become a BWSW Licensed Coach and to join the register of coaches. You will be encouraged to undertake a programme of continuing professional development to retain your licence.


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